About Me

About KatieHi, I’m Katie, I’m a personal trainer and nutritionist in Chesterfield. And I’m totally obsessed with music. What you hear me listening to will totally reflect my mood. I love to connect with the songs, the lyrics and feel the vibes in my soul.

I believe in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, showing up each day, even when life is tough, because quitters never win and winners never quit! I believe that life is for living, not just existing, and to do this we must be our best: mind, body and soul.

When it comes to choosing a personal trainer, there’s always lots of choice on who can offer what, who can provide what you need, who can you relate to and I’m guessing you already have a lot on your plate as it is, thinking do I even have time to commit? Let me ask you… Do you put everyone before yourself? Work, family and friends? And do you start the day thinking where the heck do I even start getting healthy alongside everything else I already do! I totally understand where you’re coming from.

After running a successful personal training business, running a home full time with 3 children and 2 puppies, creating a clothing brand and a network of amazing online brand ambassadors; I’ve learned a few things about where people get stuck/stall/stressed out and how to get them motivated again.

My purpose is to help you understand how important you are, your health and your mind, and to help you get confident enough in your body and with exercise so that you can make it part of your lifestyle forever.

So how did I get here?

Starting in 2015 as a Zumba class in a small hall, I have built a business helping people all around the world to improve their health, fitness and mindset.

After undergoing my own weight loss and healthy transformation I understand that aiming to get healthy isn’t easy. It isn’t just a case of eat less and move more.
Life, kids, partners, work, habits, years of mid guiding information; it gets in the way.
Most of us don’t have time to workout everyday and go for long walks.
Some of us don’t have the the time to meal prep and eat smashed avocado on a bed of freshly picked rocket and lambs lettuce, served on a crispy warm sour dough slice of bread; you get my drift….

I understand that it’s much more of a mental battle than a case of eating less and hitting the gym 5 times a week.

I understand that most of us just don’t have time to dedicate all our lives to health and fitness; so that’s where my services come in.

With top quality products to make your life less stressful and boost your health.
With flexible and sustainable plans that have seen 1000s of people get and keep realistic results.
With fitness classes and online challenges, yummy recipes that even the busiest of people can make; I am here to help motivate, guide and support you to reach your health and/or fitness goals.