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Did you know: I have ONLINE PARTNERS who rep my brand?

What does this mean?

I have girlies who are partners in the brand, they take the products, inspire healthy living and earn a wage or commission*

Who can do it?

Anyone,  as long as you’re over 18. Anyone in the World can do this.

You don’t need qualifications as you’re just recommending products and inspiring healthy changes. It’s like watching a movie, telling your friends and the cinema pays you when your friends go and see it!

I don’t know anything about the products!

We provide you with full training on the business and the products. You tell and show people your results and how it could help them – simple!

I don’t know anyone!

How did you come to read this post? How did you meet your best friend? Your partner? It’s networking.

Just talking to people. Blogging on social media. It’s recommendations from friends of friends. We will help you!

Don’t worry!

I don’t have the confidence!

When we start to walk or drive we fall or stall. This is the same. Your power right now, is that you have the ability to learn and with knowledge comes power, with power comes confidence.

I’m not fit! I don’t even know how to be!

We all have to start somewhere and you make the perfect person, we will teach you, guide you, be there for you.

You can inspire people. We didn’t start off gifted with a ripped body, we are just people who try to live their best life, a healthier lifestyle, with a kebab thrown in for good measure!

I’m too busy!

You make the best partner!

Ever heard the saying, “if you want something done, ask a busy person”. Busy people make the time. All you’re doing is having a shake for your breakfast or after the gym. Taking a picture and sharing it. Telling your friends and family about the capsules you’re using and why.

What makes it better is that you can place client orders anywhere in the World. Your phone is your office.

Whether its on the loo at work, on the sun lounger on holiday, outside the kids bedroom door at night while you wait for them to drop to sleep. It takes 2 minutes to earn an income, it fits in to the nooks and crannies of your life.

Okay so what do I do now?

You have 2 options. You can drop a message via our contact form and ask more questions or sign up using the link below.

The Juice plus Franchise

Does it cost to join?

Yes, just £50! That’s an incredible investment to starting your own business.
That includes
• training
• virtual office
• your own maintained website
• 10% discount on your own products and customer products**
• postage and packaging on all your orders and clients orders
• £199,500 bonus to access PER PERSON as well as your earnings
• health insurance***
And more!

Better yet you have NO
• cash handling (all payments are made via bank)
• deliveries – the company do this for you
• stock hold – all you need is your own products
• targets to hit – if you want to access £119,500 in bonus in career mode you can, but you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to

What does this mean for me?

Freedom. Extra money. Friendships. More opportunities.
Whatever you want it to be. Some people want £50 a month to pay their phone bill. Some want £200 a month towards a holiday.
Some want £2000 a month to make it their full tome job.
Some want to become fitness professionals or travel the world.
Some just want friends and to be accountable for their health.
Some want to be at home with their kids everyday and not miss a thing while earning an income.
It’s whatever you want it to be.

If this sounds like something you would like to talk about or do, drop a message or sign up and we will contact you to get you started.

*wage/commission depends on effort. We have partner mode and career mode for people who want to access our bonus and leadership ladder.

** we have 7 ways to earn an income. 10% is the starting base that you can soon build up via career mode.

* £85 a month paid into your wages to invest in your health once you have a certain promotion.

Join today and become the best version of you!

We are offering ALL our key workers a free live online fitness class each week.
You can choose from any of our 10 classes a week!
Simply join our Facebook group, go to "events", click "going" and post "I'm a Key Worker" in the event for a message to send proof of your job, and we will send you the code to join the class!