Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat

Busting The MythWait For The Whoosh

Fat is fat and muscle is muscle. You can drop body fat and gain muscle mass, resulting in losing inches and gaining weight on the scale.

A pound of gold and a pound of feathers weigh the same, gold takes up less space.
A pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh the same. Muscle takes up less space.

When you start a new exercise program your muscles will hold onto water as your chemical make up changes and the muscles need to hydrate. They can hold onto water for days because they are waiting for your next workout. This doesn’t just happen when you start exercising but after every time you exercise. Its just more noticeable on the scales for the first few weeks.

The Fat WhooshHow Fat Cells Work

Fat cells : funny little buggers!
We are born with so many fat cells. They are the ONLY cell in your body that duplicates and stays! Once you over fill your fat cells, they split to create more! When you lose weight (fat) they “deflate” but never go away! This is why it is easier to gain weight again after losing it.

When you drop body fat, the cells fill with water and hold on to it waiting for more fat (again this can be days!) then WHOOSHHHHHHH they flush it out and wait until you have too much fat again.

Fat Loss Is Reversing

Did you know that your body will lose fat from areas in the reverse order you gained it?

That means that if your legs / booty are the first place you store fat then they will be the very last to tone up. This is so important to know how your body stores fat so you can stay motivated and know that once your body is done burning all that fat in that one particular area, then it will move on to pull fat from the next place you store it.

If you have a lot to lose it will come off in layers, just like shedding a suit, but it will always follow that cycle.

What Next?

Weight fluctuates anyway, so its always best to minimise the scale weigh in and go with how you feel. Your body is a reflection on how you eat and train. No excuses! (Some medical exceptions!)

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