How Do I Lose My Wobbly Bits?

Want to lose your mummy tummy? Love handles? Back fat?

weights and healthy eatingI get asked a lot, how can I shift my mummy tummy? What’s the best exercise for back fat? I hate my arms, how can I tone them up? How do I lose my wobbly bits? And I always reply with:

“It’s simple; full body workouts lifting heavy weights and eat right”

The thing is, it really is that simple, scientifically, but if it was that easy, we would all be doing it.

So what do I do?

First we need to learn about fat so we can understand more. I will keep it simple:

  1. Body fat cells are the only cells that don’t disappear.
    Wonder why its easy to put weight on but hard to shift it? You are born with so many fat cells in your body, and unlike blood cells or any other cells, once you over fill them with fat they duplicate but they then never disappear. However, don’t lose hope. You can empty them! When you start to burn fat, they will fill with water first (this can lead to weight gain on the scales) but after a few days they will flush it all out. The cells will deflate and you will start to drop the fat!
  2. Genetics are a huge part of your wobbly bits.
    Yep, unfortunately your genetic build up contributes to where your body will store fat. Thanks mum for my chunky thighs! And, being a woman we naturally hold more fat to protect our body when we are pregnant. Another hardship of being a lady!
    However, these are not excuses, they are facts. Let’s embrace them!
  3. You are not fat. You have fat.

    You also have white blood cells, but you are not white blood cells. So we know those pesky fat cells wont go away, however we can frazzle them and keep them at bay. We know that we cant control where they are, that’s genetics. We also know that you are not fat, you have fat. Now its time to learn how to get rid of those wobbly bits!

Right, tell me what to do!

I read blogs and scroll through, I just want the answer! I’m going to keep this simple,

You can not out run a bad diet: brush up on the nutrition. Heard of the 80/20 rule? I did a blog on it here: The 80/20 Rule, but basically results mainly come from what you eat. You need to eat the right foods to keep you in a calorie deficit while having enough energy to power you through your workout and life in general. You need to eat whole foods and good quality foods. You need to eat to keep your metabolism fired up.

It’s best to lift weights, heavy! Do 3-4 good workouts a week. On the other days do your easy cardio, light jog, swim, bike ride, walk, dance, anything that makes you happy. It’s better to do 3-4 good quality workout a week than lots of half-hearted ones because you haven’t recovered well enough – trust me, I know! but that’s another blog for another time!

You have a couple of options:

  • Wing it, go to the gym, not really know what you’re doing and hope for the best
  • Hire a personal trainer and get a plan tailored to you
  • Go to classes that use weights
  • Find your local CrossFit community and get in shape
  • Use the Fit Girl Company online coaching plan; a 16 week programme aimed at reaching your personal goals.

So the be all and end all of it is that you can’t just target one area. Lift heavy, define the muscles, eat right, strip the fat and watch your transformation unfold!

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