How To Eat Mindfully And Why

Does this sound familiar?

  • Eating stood up
  • Eating while scrolling through your phone
  • Eating straight out the pan
  • Have 2 mouth fulls, empty the washer, have a mouth full, tie the kids hair….
  • Eating in the car
  • Eating and working…
  • Eating on the loo?

The list goes on and on!

Then you finish your meal but you don’t remember eating it, actually you don’t remember tasting it and you still feel hungry, but why, when you just ate! This is because you didn’t eat mindfully.

So what does it mean –  to eat mindfully?

eating at a tableEating mindfully means actually enjoying your meal, tasting it, looking at it, experiencing the textures. Who loves eating out? The food is SO good right! Why? Because you’re sat down and you appreciate it. Let’s face it – we pay £20 for a steak we could have cooked at home but it’s not the same at home. It’s better when someone else cooks it. Or is it better when you pay attention to it? Bit of both maybe – we all love being treated to a decent cooked meal.

Why eat mindfully?

When we eat mindfully we enjoy the foods, we eat slower and we feel fuller. We eat with our eyes before anything so looking at the food and seeing the colours makes it more appetising. Then we smell the food, take in a deep whiff and your mouth it watering!! We savour each moment eating slower, actually enjoying the food, the flavours and the textures.

You can imagine it now can’t you! I know I can!

When we eat mindfully our bodies can digest the food easier. We chew more (giving us less gas!) meaning the body has less work to do.

Now it takes 20 minutes apparently for your stomach and brain to communicate telling each other that you are full, soo eating slower may mean you eat less as you’re communicating. Clever stuff right!

How to eat mindfully

  1. Put away all distractions – phones, iPads, computers, books, newspapers, even the kids if you must
  2. Take your time. Chew your food, enjoy each mouthful
  3. Sip water between each forkful, this will keep you eating slower and make you fuller
  4. Look, smell and taste your food – you may discover you like new foods
  5. Make time to eat. Give yourself a 20 minute dinner break not looking at anything other than your plate

Why not take a look at our recipes for a selection of filling, colourful, nutritious meals to make at home. Enjoy, and remember, eat mindfully.

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