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Juice Plus+ Bridging the gap between what we eat and what we should eat, while inspiring healthy living around the world.

Fit Girl Company is backed by the most researched whole food nutritional company in the world. We are huge believers in “what you put in, you get out” and we only recommend the best nutritional products to get you the best health results and protection.

We are proud to be part of a company that has inspired healthy living around the world for over 25 years.

Why Juice Plus+

We live in a fast paced, rushed life, where cooking can be time consuming and with so much conflicting information we don’t know what’s good for us and what isn’t anymore! Meal skipping, snack grabbing, fast food ordering, its all too convenient and yet massively contributing to illness, disease and obesity in adults and children.

The nutritional products we recommend are just the simple goodness of RAW fruit, veg and berries – for adults and children.
The protein shakes are made from the best sourced ingredients and can be used by adults and children as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Imagine flooding your body with the vitamins and minerals of 30 raw fruits and veggies a day: over time you’re going to feel the glow of the dark antioxidants, the boosted immune system of the veggies and the energy boost of the raw fruits! Your body will soon start to glow from the inside out.

Add life to your days and value your health

All our nutritional products can be mixed and matched to suit you and your budget. Check out some of our most popular products below, available as a 4 month supply with 4 simple payments. To view the full range of Juice Plus+ products, click here

Juice Plus Premium Capsules
Juice Plus+® Premium Capsules
Juice Plus Fruit and Veg Capsules
Juice Plus+® Fruit & Veg Blend Capsules
Juice Plus Berry Capsules
Juice Plus+® Berry Blend Capsules
Juice Plus Omega Capsules
Juice Plus+® Omega Blend Capsules
Juice Plus Premium Chewables
Juice Plus+® Premium Chewables
Juice Plus Fruit and Veg Chewables
Juice Plus+® Fruit & Veg Blend Chewables
Juice Plus Berry Chewables
Juice Plus+® Berry Blend Chewables
Juice Plus Complete Mix Shake Combi
Compete By Juice Plus+® Mix Shake Combi
Juice Plus Complete Mix Bar Box
Compete By Juice Plus+® Mix Bar Box
Juice Plus Complete Vegetable Soup
Compete By Juice Plus+® Vegetable Soup
Juice Plus Complete Booster
Compete By Juice Plus+® Booster

Getting fruit and veg into our little ones can be hard. They love to play in all weather and get their hands into everything!

The Healthy Starts for Families helps boost the immune system and gets the goodness in - and best of all ITS FREE!

Provide the best start in life for you little ones with the Juice Plus+ Chewables and Capsules!
The Healthy Starts for Families runs from the age of 4-21 and each child gets it free with any adult Fruit and Veg or premium capsules order. Please note - This is a one year subscription and you maybe asked to take part in a quick and easy 4 monthly email survey.

There are a couple of options -
The chewies - great from kids as soon as they start to chew
The Capsules - perfect for older kids and teens!
With all the benefits of the fruit and veg capsules at half the dosage. You can also purchase them on their own (little no brainer to get them for free though)

To find out more about taking part in the Healthy Starts for Families and how to contact them, go to Healthy Starts

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