Online Coaching

What is online coaching?

Online CoachingIn a nutshell, online coaching is when you receive your fitness and nutrition coaching from a fitness or nutrition coach online. Starting with a consultation we look at how your life is now, what your goals are and what you want your life to look like.

Then we can set about writing you a program and working with you to reach your goals.

The benefits of an online coach

Online fitness and nutrition coaching is like having a coach, without the face time. A personal trainer and nutritionist in your back pocket. Someone who talks to you every week and helps you change things one step at a time.

The weekly call time is however best suits you and arranged frequently to suit your schedule. During your phone call, we will recap on the previous week(s) and tweak your plan to guide you in the right direction for your results.

That is the difference between online coaching and our online plans – it’s totally tailored to you! Our online coaching plans are great for people who need a little less support and can do it on their own & in our Facebook support groups.

Online coaching is a more in-depth approach looking at your habits, lifestyle, goals, diet and current fitness, changing these gradually to improve your overall lifestyle. Doing this with your consultation calls, you have the support you need to get the results you wish for.

What will I get from having an online coach?

Online coaching is a complete personal service that’s dedicated to you.

  • Nutrition blueprint
    A personalised nutrition plan (not meal plan) designed to get you your best results, working around your lifestyle, likes and dislikes
  • Fitness plan
    Completely personalised to you if needed. If you’re brand new to exercise, a cardio gym goer ready to hit the weights or a stay at home parent who needs to work out at home with body weight exercises, I will work with what you have, to get you the results you desire.
  • Mindset coaching
    A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. Online coaching is more than just food and exercise. We will work on improving your way of thinking as well as changing your mental habits

Online fitness training lets you train from the convenience of your own home, gym, park or wherever you feel comfortable. We love working with our crew to find the best ways their training can fit into their lifestyle.

We know everybody’s routine is different. Whether it is a short session in the morning and a short session in the evening, a full session after the kids have gone to sleep or even during your lunch break.

We know that the more flexibility you have, the easier and more enjoyable it is going to be for you to actually hit your daily goals.

Your session becomes your very own mini break and for 30-60 minutes of the day, you can simply focus on you – your health, your fitness, your happiness.

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’re a gym pro already, if you need support but can’t afford a personal trainer or can’t reach one, online coaching could be for you.

The Packages

I have 4 packages to choose from to suit you that include:

  • A consultation to discover your goals and build your own personal plan
  • Tailor built plan emailed to you
  • Weekly / fortnightly consultation call and check in
  • Reassessment updates
  • Nutritional blueprint
  • Personalised workout plan if needed
  • Highly recommended sports and fitness supplements (additional cost)
  • Online support group

Below are the weeks and prices; choose what suits you.

For more information about my online coaching package, contact me today!

Option 1

6 weeks

Option 2

8 weeks

Option 3

12 weeks

Option 4

16 weeks