ShredIt 2.0

Bust the Bulge with ShredIt 2.0

Shred your way to your ultimate healthy lifestyle!

Available as a one off payment or 4 monthly installments, ShredIt 2.0 is designed to help you shift some pounds and drop some inches with our plant protein shakes, body boosting capsules and yummy food ideas for you to try!

With 4 packages to choose from you can decide on the level of results* you want to achieve!

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Pay monthly: From £34.75 / 4 months
Full payment: From £133

ShredIt 2.0 is our more detailed personal plan that’s super simple.

We help you work out where you need to make changes, add in our shakes and vital vitamins to get that body on a high impact healthy lifestyle.

Like the BodyHinch45 plan, we start on 2 shakes a day, 1 meal and 2 snacks, all within your calorie goal.
We reduce the shakes over time and introduce more food so you can learn to maintain the results you achieve.
People have:
• Lost over 3 stone in 16 weeks*
• Improved their quality of life
• Maintained their goal weight using the products and plan after
• Saved money
• Had amazing health benefit changes
And so much more!

*Results depend on personal effort