The Breakfast Challenge

Start each day the right way

Swap your breakfast or, if you don't currently have breakfast, introduce it with one of our yummy nutritional shakes.

Available as a one off payment or 4 monthly installments, the Breakfast Challenge is designed to work with the protein shakes, helping you to be your best, every day. Complete the form below with your details and you will receive an email containing a link to the products and our online support group.

Pay monthly: From £34.75 / 4 months
Full payment: From £133

The breakfast challenge aims to give you a healthy kick start start to the day, giving you increased energy and a reduction in cravings.

Better still, over the next 90 days you should notice a better feeling in your health, clearer skin, stronger nails, healthier hair and even some weight loss.⠀

You will get full access to our online support group with recipes and meal ideas and help from us to make sure you’re happy and set up with your products.