Tone and Define

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Get lean, toned and defined

If you're looking for a gym plan to follow, then this is for you!

Build those firm abs and get the booty pop look with the Tone and Define Plan from Fit Girl Company.

Available as a one off payment or upgrade with our plant based protein shakes for 4 monthly installments or a one off payment and grab the app and plan for free with your own personal nutritional blueprint.

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Single Payment: Just £29.99

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Pay monthly: From £34.45 / 4 months
Full payment: From £133

Get your 16 week Tone and Define plan on our very own app which shows you exactly what to do.

Track and save your workouts, watch the videos if you’re unsure of an exercise, and get your look in time for the sun.

Workout 3-6 times a week, fitting it in around your lifestyle, and watch your own body transformation reveal itself!

Join our community on Facebook with VIP access to our Health Hub group and grab your free BodyBible download containing recipes and HIIT workouts that you can follow at home for maximum results.

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BUT WAIT! Are you clued up on your nutrition!?

Did you know that what you eat is more important than what you train?

Science is the key of ultimate results and don’t you worry! We have your back!

Grab the app and plan for free with your own personal nutritional blueprint:

• How many calories you need to get lean.
• How to split those into the right food groups for maximum results.
• How to track your calories and macros.
• With VIP support – just drop a message via your workout app!

Just add on our plant based protein shakes.
All natural, these delicious protein shakes will boost your health and your results.
Choose from chocolate, vanilla or a mix of both. It’s what all the Fit Girls use!

Are you ready? We are here to help you achieve your goals!